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Deep Rock Galactic has a rather small roster of classes, but they vary so much in playstyle that the choice becomes a burden. Each class has pros and cons and brings so much to the table that every kind of player would find their main if they are willing to experiment.

However, depending on the type of player you are Solo or Co-op, you should do your due diligence before jumping in the game, and we are here to help you.

Engineer and Scout are the best class in Deep Rock Galactic for solo players. And for co-op players, the best classes are the Driller and the Gunner.


Can You Play Solo in Deep Rock Galactic?

Let’s take a deep dive into the different classes you can choose in Deep Rock Galactic and discuss their pros and cons.

Best Solo Classes

Solo players are not completely on their own as they are accompanied by Bosco, the trusty drone that will provide not only firepower but also help in mining. But if you are one of the purists out there and refuse to get help from any mechanical flying Roomba then you should consider the classes we are recommending for solo players below.


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The engineer is a solid pick for solo players as his kit offers plenty of distractions and extra help in removing those pesky bugs. He’s got a combat shotgun, a grenade launcher, and could deploy sentry turrets to offer up extra firepower.

He could throw grenades that project a dancing hollow dwarf that can distract enemies and offer some entertainment simultaneously. Then there’s the engineer’s main traversal mechanic the Platform gun. This creates instant platforms that you can use to climb up to mineral veins high above you. Although climbing onto them can be a bit finicky at times.

Overall the Engineer is a fine choice for playing on your own.


Best Class in Deep Rock Galactic (Solo and Co-op) - Game Voyagers (2)

The Scout has unparalleled mobility thanks to their Grappling Hook and Flare Gun. The Grappling Hook allows the player to easily traverse the map and reach high places, while the Flare Gun illuminates dark areas which is basically the whole map.

With these tools, the Scout can quickly move around the map and scout out areas for minerals and enemies. And the best part is when things are getting dicey, you can spiderman out of the situation at a moment’s notice.

The Scout’s primary weapons are very simple to use, there isn’t much thought that needs to go in it. Additionally, the Scout has a shotgun secondary weapon that can deal with enemies up close. He also has a wide array of amazing throwables. With these combat abilities, the Scout can effectively take on enemies both at range and up close.


Best Steam Deck Settings for Deep Rock Galactic

With their mobility and ability to easily reach high areas, the Scout can quickly complete these objectives without needing assistance from other players. So grab your pickaxe, get down in those caves, and start mining on your own after all, who needs friends right?

Best Co-op Classes

Since this game is designed to be played in co-op, all the classes are perfectly curated to fulfill a particular role in a team. There is no class that you could go wrong with while forming a squad. However, there are some that have that oomph factor and, if played right, would elevate the team’s performance. Let’s see who these jolly dwarves are.


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The Driller is a super flexible class. He has a ton of stuff in their base kit and a lot of hidden mechanics to learn too. The primary weapons, Flamethrower, Cryo Cannon, and Sludge pump, are all fantastic weapons for dealing with crowds and even single big targets.

His loadout also deals different status effects. Fire is really strong and could literally melt hordes of enemies. Ice is effective against any of the grunts as you can freeze them and just use your pickaxe to get a bunch of free health if you have a vampire build. Sledge pump is also really good with its armor breaking and slow-down effect and you can light it on fire.

The drills on this dude are the bee’s knees of this class. You can bum-rush through enemies and break armor with them. And the best part is you can get anywhere you need to go simply by drilling the walls and using them as your personal cave system.


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The Gunner is just a fantastic all-around choice for co-op players. He’s got a minigun that’s chockfull of ammo, a decent pistol for when you run out of all that ammo, and sticky grenades that will rarely be wasted when chucking at those big bugs.

The firepower is a good enough reason to choose the gunner, but what really makes him shine is his zipline launcher and shield generator. Being able to fire a zipline makes traversing these dark caves much easier and the shield generator allows you to heal your shields in the heat of battle. Both of these abilities are

With him, you get good weapons, a reliable method of travel, and even a way to heal yourself. If you load the gunner class up with suitable perks and weapon upgrades, you and your team should be able to handle anything these caves can throw at you. He can be a great asset to a team at higher Hazard levels.

Of course, all these dwarves work well as a well-oiled ensemble but you can take them alone on solo adventures and still have fun. The Engineer and the Sout are great if you are going in all by yourself and the Gunner and the Driller shine more in team settings.

One thing to note here is that regardless of team or solo, the Driller is one of the best class in the game if you are willing to get past the learning curve.

Best Class in Deep Rock Galactic (Solo and Co-op) - Game Voyagers (2024)
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