Best Deep Rock Galactic Classes: Engineer, Scout, Driller, Gunner (2024)

The best Deep Rock Galacticclasses are an incredibly difficult thing to define. This co-op mining shooter has just received its PlayStation release after being exclusively available on Xbox and PC since 2018. However, now that a whole new set of dwarf miners are making their way deep into dangerous caves, we thought we would dig up the best classes and the advantages of each. Get your mining hats on and pickaxes at the ready as we dive into the Deep Rock Galactic best classes.

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Best Deep Rock Galactic Classes: How Are Classes Defined

Before we get into the Deep Rock Galactic best classes, it's best we discuss how exactly each of the classes are defined. In Deep Rock Galactic, there are just four classes which consist of a Scout, Gunner, Driller, and Engineer. Each of these four classes need to be levelled up individually as they all feature their own accessories, weapons and tools.

As an addition there is a massive difference between which class you should be picking depending on whether you are playing solo or in co-op. As such we'll do our ranking for co-op, with added notes of where they sit when played in solo.

1. Best Deep Rock Galactic Classes: Driller

It shouldn't be much of a surprise that a game about fighting through hordes of underground insects in a destructible mine would place the Driller atop the Deep Rock Galactic best classes. The Driller might not appear the best at the very start, but once you begin levelling up this character and equipment - like the Subata 120 secondary weapon - they can really hold their own in either co-op or solo.

The Driller's CRSPR Flamethrower is an excellent choice for bug control. Acquiring perks like Targets Explode and It Burns! can really help in those moments when it all feels a little overwhelming. And for when your team needs to get moving in a hurry, the Reinforced Power Drills can make new pathways (or escape routes) in no time at all. Or for those more explosively inclined the Satchel Charge can deal massive amounts of damage. Put together the Driller is easily one of the best support classes that can also look after themselves.

2. Best Deep Rock Galactic Classes: Gunner

Up next on our ranking of the Deep Rock Galactic best classes we have the Gunner. Just missing out on the top spot this has some serious potential to be among the most popular of all classes. With the "Lead Storm" Powered Minigun and "Bulldog" Heavy Revolver as your starting weapons, the Gunner is a heavy hitter, and while they may come across as the basic soldier loadout, they still have a few tricks up their sleeve.

The Zipline launcher has multiple functions. Like the Platform Gun, it can get you and your team to those unreachable places. However, it can also act as an often slow, but steady form of escape, and a moment of respite as you hover above the spiked legs of alien hordes. When you are back on the ground again however, the Shield Generation can protect you as giant insects begin to decide upon you from every surface. It might not stop them from getting in close, but it will stop any incoming fire. The Gunner is a top tier pick for those that like to get right into the action, and as such can act as one of the better solo options.

3. Best Deep Rock Galactic Classes: Engineer

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The Engineer is next up in our ranking of the Deep Rock Galactic best classes. Much like the Driller, they are about making paths for their team, while holding down the fort. The LMG Gun Platform and Deepcore 40 mm PGL deal a mixture of crowd control and killer blows. However, most specific to the Engineer is the Platform Gun.

Deep Rock Galactic features some diverse and procedurally generated caves, and sometimes that means you struggle to reach certain ledges, which can easily lead to you being cornered. The Platform Gun forms a ledge which allows you to scale previously unclimbable surfaces. Whether it be to reach some valuable materials or flee from surrounding aliens, the Engineer can extend that helping hand when you are most in need.

4. Best Deep Rock Galactic Classes: Scout

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Last on our Deep Rock Galactic best classes list we have the Scout. While this class type is the bottom of the co-op rankings, it is by no means a worthless pick, and coincidentally, it manages to take the top spot for solo plays. The Scout is a far more lightweight pick for players that like to keep on the move.

With both a short ranged option in the Jury Rigged Boomstick and the scatter fire Deepcore GK2, you can splatter alien bug guts all over the mines. However, when things get a little too overwhelming the Grappling Hook can yank you right out of danger's reach. The Flare Gun also ensures that you can see where you are grappling to. It might not benefit the team all that much, but the Scout can be a lot of fun to play as.

That's our list of the Deep Rock Galactic best classes. If you are looking to up your mining game that one step further, check out our guide to the Deep Rock Galactic best perks guide.

Best Deep Rock Galactic Classes: Engineer, Scout, Driller, Gunner (2024)
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