Deep Rock Galactic Best Class - What Should You Play? (2024)

Having Trouble DecidingWhat Class To Play?

While delving into the perilous mines of the alien planet Hoxxes IV, every dwarf has a role to play. But what is yours? In this article, we'll go on a deep dive into each of the classes in Ghost Ship Games’ first-person co-op shooter, Deep Rock Galactic, and help you determine which dwarf is right for you.

The Scout

Deep Rock Galactic Best Class - What Should You Play? (1)

"Yeah, I don't so much "scout" as make this operation possible."

First up is the Scout. Equipped with the Grappling Hook and Flare Gun, every inch of every cave is your playground. By far the fastest class, the Scout’s main role is mining hard-to-reach minerals and subsequently falling to your death. If you choose to play the Scout. you will spend more time down than any other class. Until you unlock the “Hover Boots” perk, that is, which is an absolute must-have.

Don't mistake certain death for a lack of fun. Zipping around with the Grappling Hook is by far one of the most satisfying experiences in Deep Rock Galactic. As the Scout, your choices for primary weapons are the Deepcore GK2, a reliable assault rifle. The M1000 Classic, a semi-automatic rifle with extreme precision, and, finally, the DRAK-25 Plasma Carbine, a supercharged machine gun, that fires plasma balls through the air at insane speeds.

In terms of secondary weapons, the Jury-Rigged Boomstick, a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun, and the Zhukov NUK17, a pair of dual weld machine pistols, are both wonderful for rounding out your build. The Scout's newest weapon, the Nishanka Boltshark X-80 is a crossbow, equipt with high-tech arrows. All of these weapons are customizable with devastatingly fun overclocks. Like the “Cryo-Minelets” overclock for the Zhukov, which lay down mini ice mines for enemies to trip over. The Scout, when paired with the Engineer, is one-half of the best two-person team possible in Deep Rock Galactic.

What The Scout Excels In:

  • Traversal
  • Lighting
  • Resource collecting
  • Quick escapes

Pick The Scout if...

  • You wish you were Spiderman
  • You’re playing with your best bud
  • You're afraid of the dark

Scout details

The Engineer

Deep Rock Galactic Best Class - What Should You Play? (2)

"Turrets and've come to the right place."

Next up, the other half of the dynamic duo, the dance commander himself, the Engineer. When paired with a Scout, the Engineer’s Platform Gun becomes essential for bleeding the caves of Hoxxes dry of every last mineral. Though it’s difficult for you to climb up to these high places, platforms are perfect landing pads for the Scout and his Grappling Hook. Platforms are also useful for bridging gaps and shaping the terrain anywhere your team plans to make a stand.

The Engineer is a master of crowd control. Use the Proximity Mines and Sentry Guns to cover your back, or throw a L.U.R.E grenade to draw the bugs together and blast them all to hell with the Deepcore 40mm PGL grenade launcher. These techniques paired with the LOK-1, a smart rifle that targets enemies for you, make it pretty difficult to get overrun as the Engineer.

This is why the Engineer may just be the perfect class to play if you are a beginner or are playing by yourself. Another reason to play Engi solo is that you'll have every supply drop all to yourself. And you'll need it because your turrets and weapons are unbelievably ammo hungry. These bullet-eating machines include the “Warthog” Auto 210, a pump-action shotgun, the Stubby Voltaic Submachine Gun, and the Breach Cutter, a powerful heavy weapon that fires beams of energy, perfect for mowing down swarms and dealing major damage to bosses.

What The Engineer Excels In:

  • Crowd control
  • Securing the perimeter
  • Assisting the scout

Pick The Engineer if...

  • You're playing solo or with a scout
  • You’re an expert at tower defense games
  • You've got terrible aim

Engineer details

The Gunner

Deep Rock Galactic Best Class - What Should You Play? (3)

"So what if I likereally big guns?"

If you thought the Engineer was an ammo guzzler, then oh boy, do I have a surprise for you. Unleashing 15 rounds a second, the Gunner has one purpose and one purpose only: To kill anything that moves. His traversal tool, the Zipline Launcher, can give your team a way to overcome steep climbs and span-wide gaps. It can also provide you with the perfect vantage point to rain hellfire down from above.

Your Gunner's main instrument of destruction could be the “Lead Storm” Powered Minigun, which requires no reloading, just adequate cool-down time. Or if you don't mind reloading, the “Thunderhead” Heavy Autocannon will allow you to blast away to your heart's content. Or perhaps the idea of just pointing and shooting is boring to you. In that case, the Hurricane Guided Rocket System is your dream come true. Once fired, these rockets follow your crosshair, allowing you to swing them through the air and pummel enemies from otherwise unthinkable angles.

Although the Gunner’s first priority is to take down enemies, he does have another important role. The Gunner’s Shield Generator creates an impenetrable dome, allowing just enough time to revive any downed teammates. This ability has turned the Gunner into the de-facto medic of Deep Rock Galactic. When battling against dreadnoughts, if your team's Gunner is still alive, you’ve still got a chance.

What The Gunner Excels In:

  • Damage
  • Damage
  • Even more damage
  • Healing said damage

Pick The Gunner if...

  • You love to Min/Max
  • You’ve got anger issues
  • You like to fix ouchies

Gunner details

The Driller

Deep Rock Galactic Best Class - What Should You Play? (4)

"Obstacle? More like a granite smoothie when I'm done."

Last, and certainly not least, is the Driller. Using two Reinforced Power Drills to cut through rock like it’s butter, the Driller can go literally anywhere. Whether that’s straight back to the drop pod for a quick escape or just down until you hit bedrock. If you can see it on the map, the driller can get there. Of all the classes, this is the one that truly embodies what it means to be a dwarf. After all, no other class gets to throw axes.

Destruction truly is the name of the game for the Driller. Using your drills or your satchel charge (a highly destructive bomb with a notorious reputation for killing entire teams with a single detonation), the Driller’s job is to break down any and all obstacles in your team's way. And in a procedurally generated, completely destructible cave, he’s really in his element.

Speaking of elements, the Driller’s primary weapons all utilize unique elemental status effects. The CRSPR Flamethrower lights your enemies ablaze, draining their health as they burn. The Cryo-Cannon turns bugs into ice sculptures, making them vulnerable to other weapons. And finally, the Corrosive Sludge Pump shoots goo that acts as an acidic glue trap, melting even the largest Glyphids down to the bone. As for secondary weapons, the Experimental Plasma Charger, when given the “Thin Containment Field” modification, can destroy terrain and break minerals off walls, making any mission without a Scout much more profitable.

What The Driller Excels In:

  • Tearing through obstacles and enemies
  • Digging a tunnel straight back to the escape pod for an easy victory
  • Making things go boom boom

Pick The Driller if...

  • You want to play a well-rounded class
  • You want a variety of weapon types
  • You pick Wario in Mariokart

Driller details

Thanks for reading!

In the end, there are really no wrong answers when it comes to picking a class in Deep Rock Galactic. Each dwarf fills a void that the others do not. It is only when they all come together that a team is truly complete. So, see what your team needs and pick the right dwarf for the job. Good luck out there miners. Rock and stone.

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Deep Rock Galactic Best Class - What Should You Play? (2024)
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