[Top 10] Lost Ark Best Fishing Spots (2024)

[Top 10] Lost Ark Best Fishing Spots

What is an MMORPG without fishing? Sometimes you need a break from fighting monsters, but you want to relax and do side content. The benefits of fishing include collecting resource materials for honing your gear. So this guide will show you the top 10 fishing spots where you can chill, relax, and spend time leveling up your life skill in Lost Ark.

10. Lakebar

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Lakebar introduces you to the first fishing spot location once you start unlocking trade skills. This location makes it a great spot to farm and level up your float fishing as you begin your journey in Arkesia!.

Why Lakebar is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • Great first spot to get a headstart in leveling up your fishing skill
  • It’s in a town with no monsters

How to get there:

  • Continue from the Rethramis region until you get to Lakebar.
  • Talk to the NPC who talks to you about trade skills.
  • Then go to the location with the fishing hook icon.
  • Then fish away!

9. Port Krona

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Port Krona is another excellent spot once you reach the Luterra region. After you gain access to sailing the seas from Wavestrand Port, you will be reaching your 2nd region due to following the main story quests.

Why Port Krona is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • No monsters present nearby
  • Right next to the sailing port, which makes it easy to traverse to different locations if needed
  • You will constantly be doing nearby quests in Vern Castle, making it great to do on the side

How to get there:

  • First gain access to your first ship, then sail to Port Krona.
  • The fishing spot is right above the sailing port.

8. Port City Changhun

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Port City Changhun is the first location you set sail to once you finish the MSQ in Vern Castle. This will be one of the main areas you will reside in for a while as you push through the main story in Lost Ark. Also, who doesn’t like the sight of seeing cherry blossoms?

Why Port City Changhun Fishing Spot:

  • No monsters present nearby
  • One of the first towns where you can access multiple NPCs for different activities, but it also has a fishing spot
  • Not many bots or people fish here. So you’ll fish in peace

How to get there:

  • Sail to the Anikka region.
  • Navigate towards the city’s left side and you’ll see a square pond to fish.

7. Yorn’s Cradle

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Yorn’s Cradle is one of the first locations you will visit post-MSQ after Rohendel. Sailing this dwarven region is one of the first Tier 2 locations you will encounter. This also means you will be able to fish resources for T2 materials.

Why Yorn’s Cradle is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • First Tier 2 Fishing spot you will be using
  • Monsters are close, but not in range of attacking
  • Consistently empty, and no bots are present nearby

How to get there:

  • Complete Rohendel MSQ, then the story will tell you to sail to Yorn.
  • Continue the MSQ until you hit Yorn’s Cradle.

6. Wailing Swamp

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Wailing Swamp is another excellent spot to fish since Feiton will be the last region you will be farming T2 materials for. Though this location has monsters present nearby, you will have access to using fish traps once you get your fishing to level 20.

Why Wailing Swamp is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • Can utilize fish traps on the side while fishing
  • Great spot to gain even T2 fish resources

How to get there:

  • After completing the Yorn questline, the story will tell you to sail to Feiton.
  • Continue MSQ until you hit Wailing Swamps.

5. Starsand Beach

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Starsand Beach, and yes… not Tideshelf Path. The environment in this specific location is particularly a pleasant spot to fish. This region is also one of the first Tier 3 areas you will visit, giving you access to fish for T3 resource materials.

Why Starsand Beach is a Great Fishing Spot:

  • Isolated from monsters in the area
  • Great BGM music to fish in the background
  • No bots present compared to Tideshelf Path, if you don’t like hearing the noise of others fishing.

How to get there:

  • Complete the Feiton storyline and sail to Punika.
  • Continue MSQ until you hit Starsand Beach.
  • Climb the vines once you reach over to the left side.

4. Bellion Ruins

[Top 10] Lost Ark Best Fishing Spots (7)

Bellion Ruins is one of the better locations for fishing once you gain access to Tier 3 content. By then, players will most likely be at higher fishing levels. After being in Punika for a while, South Vern finally opens up to players who may want a more refreshing spot to fish in.

Why It’s Good Fishing Spot:

  • It’s in a pseudo-town area where no monsters are present.
  • You will constantly be nearby NPCs giving you South Vern questlines.
  • Not many players or bots nearby, which will feel peaceful.

How to get there:

  • Initiate the South Vern quest line once you reach item level 1340.
  • Continue the quest line from North Vern until you reach Bellion Ruins.

3. Candaria Territory

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At the current endgame of Lost Ark, this will probably be the most mentioned fishing spot that other players will recommend. As you push through content in South Vern, this location will most likely be present with many players doing either story quests or other activities such as gathering resources on the side.

Why It’s Good Fishing Spot:

  • Can utilize fish traps on the side
  • Popular spot, making it great for socializing with players (IF you’re into that)
  • Has a nearby Chaos Gate that will spawn when the event timer comes close.

How to get there:

  • Continue the South Vern quest line until you reach Candaria Territory.

2. Platinum Field

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For all veteran players, we all know what it’s like to get that orange ticket as you’re randomly chopping down trees. The platinum field is a particular instanced area where players can gather abundant resources. The entrance ticket to this instance randomly drops, making it very rare to gain access to this instance.

Why It’s Good Fishing Spot:

  • Costs 0 energy to fish
  • The fishing spot is infinite
  • Everyone can pick up a collectible and turn it in to unlock treasure rooms

How to get there:

  • Actively use your trade skills anywhere and trust in RNG that an entrance ticket will drop.
  • Once a ticket drops, go to the Platinum Fields NPC in town and select the Old Yudian Canal area.
  • Follow the quest guide in Platinum Fields and navigate towards the fishing spots on the minimap.

1. Stronghold Farm

[Top 10] Lost Ark Best Fishing Spots (10)

Little do people know that one of the best fishing spots resides within your own stronghold. The only cons of this are that the gathering materials are character bound and you consume more life energy. This fishing spot is awesome for players who are action-focused rather than life-skill-focused who don’t want to spend too much time other than fighting.

Why It’s Good Fishing Spot:

  • Easy to access from anywhere without using Bifrost or ocean line expeditions.
  • Great location for those who don’t have much time to gather usually by visiting specific locations.
  • You can customize your fishing spots and resource allocation.

How to get there:

  • Access your stronghold by using the sheet music.
  • Set your farm resources by adding some fishing spots.
  • Wait daily to the designated time to gather resources.

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[Top 10] Lost Ark Best Fishing Spots (2024)
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