Does the Bride Have to Wear White to Her Pre-Wedding Parties? (2024)

Although most assume that white is a shade that can only be worn exclusively on your wedding day, expert bridal stylists and wedding planners suggest that this age-old rule can be broken, as they say you can wear this iconic shade during all your pre-wedding events including the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, and even your bridal luncheon.

However, if you aren't exactly sure how to incorporate this hue into your look, we spoke to expert planner Alicia Fritz, owner of A Day in May Events, and bridal stylist Julie Sabatino about all the dos and don'ts of wearing white before you actually walk down the aisle. Here are the key points they recommend to keep in mind.

You Can Wear White to Your Bridal Shower

"Typically, the first formal pre-wedding event is your bridal shower, and this is a great party to own the tradition of the bride in white," Fritz says. No matter the season or the formalness of the party, Fritz explains that a bridal shower will be a memorable day for close friends and family. And chances are your loved ones will definitely want to shower you with praise, so she says it's a great time to wear what you want.

Add Elements of White to Your Bachelorette Party Look

"Next in the line is your bachelorette party, and depending on the location you choose and time of year, I would encourage you to mix in some white wardrobe elements," Fritz explains. This includes wearing a great swimsuit if you are headed to the beach, she suggests.

You Can Definitely Wear White to Your Bridal Luncheon

"You are hours away from floating down the aisle in a white gown, so for a bridal luncheon, you can wear whatever you'd like," Fritz suggests. She recommends choosing a great floral print that is fun and feminine with a laid back hairstyle for the summer months. And for the cooler temps, Fritz suggests opting for a tailored pair of slacks, a low heel, a cami, and a blazer to tie your look together. However, no matter what you decide to wear, she explains that it's important to remember that it's your special day.

A Little White Dress Can Go Along Way

"A little white dress is a good way to go," Sabatino says. You can accessorize your dress with a sweater and a jean jacket, she explains.

Always Wear What Feels Good

"Some brides want to wear white to pre-wedding events, and some don't," Sabatino says. If you don't want to wear white, she suggests wearing what makes you feel good, as blue and pink tones also work wonders.

Does the Bride Have to Wear White to Her Pre-Wedding Parties? (2024)


Does the Bride Have to Wear White to Her Pre-Wedding Parties? ›

Always Wear What Feels Good

Does the bride have to wear white to rehearsal dinner? ›

No, the bride does not have to wear white to the rehearsal dinner. While the rehearsal dinner attire for the bride usually includes white, there are no hard and fast rules to say you must wear the hue. This pre-wedding event is an excellent opportunity to express yourself through the color and style that speaks to you.

Can you wear white to a pre-wedding party? ›

Should the party be a surprise, you'll definitely want to leave the white dress in your closet. However, if you're set on wearing some form of cream or white to at least one pre-wedding event, this is probably the time to do it.

Does the bride have to wear white to a bachelorette party? ›

First things first, unless specifically told otherwise by the bride, you should let the bride have her moment in white & find another color to wear. This generally stands true for all wedding festivities, unless specifically asked to wear white.

Do brides need to wear white? ›

More often than not, though, you will hear claims that brides wear white because “it's tradition.” But, historically, white was not the only color considered for wedding dresses. In fact, other colors were chosen far more frequently than white.

What does a bride wear at a rehearsal dinner? ›

Semi-formal is the most common rehearsal dinner dress code and provides brides with a ton of freedom and flexibility. Look for fabrics like silk, chiffon, or lace, all of which allow for easy movement and breathability.

What colors not to wear to a wedding rehearsal? ›

If you're attending a rehearsal dinner as a friend, the same advice given to wedding party members applies. Like any wedding-related event, you should also avoid wearing white out of courtesy—though the bride may not even wear white herself, but hey, at the very least it will help you avoid any unwanted attention.

What color should a bride wear to a bachelorette party? ›

Opt for a Little White Dress

If white isn't your thing, we have outfit ideas for you too—like an all-black look instead. (This will look especially chic if you ask bach party guests to wear contrasting all-white outfits next to your black attire.) Get started by shopping our favorite LBDs for bach parties here.

What does the bride pay for at a bachelorette party? ›

Of course, there are no set rules, but typically the maid of honor and bridesmaids will split most of the cost of the bride's expenses while the bride herself pays for her own travel expenses and chips in for other things like food and activities.

Does the bride usually pay for bachelorette party? ›

Exactly who pays for the bachelorette party will depend on the specific situation, but most commonly, the cost is split evenly between the attendants. Everyone is responsible for covering their own expenses, such as meals and accommodation, while also splitting the cost to cover most—or all—of the bride's expenses.

Why would a bride not wear white? ›

According to The Washington Post, no bride wanted to wear white on their wedding day during the 1700s and 1800s as it was associated with mourning. While some daring brides, like Mary Queen of Scots in 1558, made bold fashion statements by wearing white, it was certainly not the color most brides preferred.

What does the Bible say about white wedding dresses? ›

Isaiah 1:18 “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be whiter than snow.” The white wedding gown is not a symbol of the bride's purity. It is an emblem of the work Jesus has done on the cross. It is a mark of the work the Holy Spirit continues to do, changing hearts, breathing life, making his people new.

What percentage of brides wear white? ›

In fact, white wedding dresses only came into fashion in the mid-19th century and became customary in the mid-20th century. Nowadays, 82 percent of U.S. brides wear white, according to the WeddingWire Newlywed Report—but how did this color become so popular?

What not to wear to a wedding rehearsal dinner? ›

Going Too Casual: Even if it's a casual event, try not to wear jeans. Sometimes, jeans are totally appropriate (BBQ rehearsal dinner, anyone?) but usually it's not a good idea. Similarly, don't wear t-shirts, loungewear, athletic clothes, or anything you might feel comfortable wearing to the grocery store.

Can a guest wear off white to a rehearsal dinner? ›

Rule #1: Remember, the event isn't about you.

“At any wedding-related event, no guests should upstage the bride, and that certainly applies to the rehearsal dinner,” Brownstein tells InStyle, adding it's best to “consider colors that correlate to the wedding theme, but never wear white.”

Can the mother of the bride wear a black dress to a rehearsal dinner? ›

Can the mother of the bride wear black? It's acceptable for the mother of the bride to wear black, especially if the couple is having a black-tie wedding. However, Mom should always consult the bride beforehand and consider the venue, vibe and season.

Can the mother of the groom wear white to the rehearsal dinner? ›

The Top Colors for Mothers of the Groom to Avoid

As with any wedding guest, it's best to avoid wearing white or any color that resembles the bride's wedding outfit. You may also want to steer clear of blush, beige, or other light neutral tones that may appear lighter on camera.

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