What to Wear to a Bridal Shower - (2024)

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower - (1)Hiiiii! Today is #WeddingWednesday and today I am talking about shower attire for the bride to be and guests. With Spring basically here and Summer just around the corner, there are so many gorgeous white tops, jumpsuits, and dresses available. I’ll be talking a little bit about wearing white for wedding events and rounding up some of my favorites for all occasions. Plus, I’m sharing what to wear to a bridal shower.

First, let’s talk about my outfit. This dress is a classic white lace in a sheath style that I absolutely loved from the moment I put it on. I choseclassic white accessories and a neutral lip.I think this look with be beautiful with hair pinned back as well to really show off all of the lace! You could dress it down with a denim jacket over it and a wedge sandal instead of this heel, also.

shop the look:

If you’re anything like me, you’ve known that white at wedding events is traditionally off limits unless specifically requested by the bride. The bride wearing white at wedding events is a fun way for her to stand out and feel special.I’ve been to and been in a lot of weddings, so when Spring and Summer rolls around I’ve often found myself limiting the number of white clothing items I bought in the past because I needed to be strategic about when I wore them. I was saving all of my white for events outside of wedding showers, engagement parties, bachelorette weekends, and weddings.

Personally, I think white should definitely be avoided at the rehearsal dinner and wedding. If you wear it to a shower or to a bachelorette, I’d just make sure it’s not a full white ensemble. If you’re wearing a white top and jean shorts out for lunch on a bachelorette party, I think that’s perfectly fine. As long as it doesn’t seem like you’re intentionally trying to take away from the bride, it’s all good. That’s just my opinion, though. When in doubt– check with the bride or someone close to her, or just choose another color!

We have a shower/party coming up in a few weeks, so I’ve been on the hunt for shower attire. I’ll do a round up of my favorite options for a bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, and more for the bride-to-be and guests, but for now, let’s talk what to wear to bridal showers, because that’s been on my mind and is somethingwith which people often need a little help.

Whether you are the bride-to-be or a guest, the first thing you need to do is check if there is a listed attire on the invitation. If there is, follow it. If it is a themed party, adhere to the theme. If there is not one listed, consider the time of day and location. Showers are more casual than a rehearsal dinner or a wedding, so don’t think you need a co*cktail dress unless the invite specifies. I am a big fan of heels, so I often opt for a wedge during the day and a heel or dressier wedge at night depending upon the location. You don’t HAVE to wear a heel, but if you do wear a flat sandal, I’d recommend wearing a dressy one. My mindset is that I’d always prefer to be over-dressed than under-dressed.I love dresses for showers, but youcould also do a nicer skirt and top. I tend to stay away from shorts or pants unless they are a jumpsuit or a dressy romper

for the bride to be:

When it comes to a bridal shower, I think the best bet for the bride is looking polished, yet being comfortable. You don’t want to be in a dress you have to fidget with all day or night and you don’t want to wind up unable to stand because your feet hurt. Because showers often include family or family friends, I say always go on the conservative side. Leave the bold cutouts or the midriffs for the bachelorette weekend! Also, why not wear white? Whether it’d admitted or not, I sort of think it’s expected to see the bride in white. I’m all about being non-traditonal, but at a shower thrown by older, more traditional generations, I’ll aim to please and stick to white.

Dresses for the bride to be

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Accessories for the bride to be

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for the guest:

For guests, my recommendation is to avoid white. It’s a nice, subtle way to let the bride shine, so just let her have her moment. Also, if it’s a daytime shower, try to avoid black. We’ve all been in a pinch and have our tride and true black dresses to fall back on, but if you have to wear black, try to go for a black dress with embroidered flowers or other colored details. Black is often a darker color or associated with mourning and while it is definitely one of my go-to colors, I think it is best saved for other events, like the bachelorette party or even a rehearsal dinner. I think the best bet is to keep it light (especially for Spring and Summer showers) and on the conservative side.

dresses for the guest

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accessories for the guest

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Hopefully this helps you for planning the inevitable Spring or Summer bridal shower, whether you’re attending as a guest or the bride to be. If you ever need ideas for white clothing, whether you just love it or because you’re a soon-to-be-bride, be sure to check beck often to my Bride to Be page under my SHOP category. I update it a few times a week as I am looking through all my favorite sites for white clothing and it has clothing for everything from casual to dressy and includes both clothes and accessories. XO

Photos by Vanessa from The Retro Penguin

What to Wear to a Bridal Shower - (2024)


What to Wear to a Bridal Shower -? ›

“Nothing too risqué, nothing to overshadow the bride in any way, and nothing too formal,” says Abbasi. “Go with fun, comfortable, and whatever makes you feel your best self.” Simply put, no white ensembles, no outfits with extravagant silhouettes, like ball gowns, and no skin-barring getups.

What to wear to a bridal shower as a guest? ›

If the event is more casual, Singla said guests "could pair a blouse and trousers, a flowy dress, or a jumpsuit." Whatever you decide to wear, aim for something photo-friendly. According to Young, this is especially key if you're family or close friends with the future bride and groom.

Is it appropriate to wear jeans to a bridal shower? ›

Jeans might be appropriate for a very casual bridal shower, especially if it's a relaxed gathering at someone's home. If you decide to wear jeans, choose a pair that's well-fitting and in good condition. Elevate your look by pairing them with a chic blouse or a smart blazer, and add some classy accessories.

Does it matter what color you wear to a bridal shower? ›

Choose Any Color You Love

As for color and pattern, wear any hue or print you love. Many brides choose to wear white to all of their pre-wedding events. That includes their bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner.

What is etiquette for a bridal shower? ›

Since showers are intended for the bride's nearest and dearest, every shower guest must already be on the wedding guest list. Because it's understood that guests should bring a present to a shower, it's not appropriate to invite people whom you don't plan to include in the wedding.

What not to wear to a bridal shower as a guest? ›

Don't wear anything too tight, sexy, or revealing. A bridal shower is not the time to flaunt your, um, assets. Since the guest list is usually all women, and since this event is technically part of the wedding festivities, keep things buttoned up.

Do you dress up for a bridal shower? ›

Check the Dress Code

And, if you're torn between something more casual (like a sundress) or something more formal (like a co*cktail dress), always choose the fancier option. In our opinion, it's better to be slightly overdressed than undressed for wedding-related events.

Can I wear black to a bridal shower as a guest? ›

for the guest:

Also, if it's a daytime shower, try to avoid black. We've all been in a pinch and have our tride and true black dresses to fall back on, but if you have to wear black, try to go for a black dress with embroidered flowers or other colored details.

Who should not be invited to bridal shower? ›

The short answer is, you should not invite anyone to your shower who will not be invited to the wedding. Your shower is an intimate gathering of some of the closest women (and men if you choose) in your life, and if anyone makes the cut for your shower, they should also be close enough to you to get a wedding invite.

Can you wear jeans and heels to bridal shower? ›

While jeans are seen as too casual for a typical bridal shower, if the dress code is casual, you can totally wear jeans. We recommend elevating with a dressy top and heels.

What should an older woman wear to a bridal shower? ›

When in doubt, wear a dress. It's the ultimate in femininity and the most popular way to dress for a bridal shower. Classic styles like the wraps sheaths, shifts, or fit and flare dresses are ideal because they're on the conservative side.

How much do you give for a bridal shower gift? ›

If you're only invited to the shower and wedding, it's suggested to divide your budget by 30-70. Considering that the average wedding gift in 2023 was $150*, reverse calculation brings us to a budget of $50 to $75. So, if you're pondering whether $100 is enough for a bridal shower gift, the answer is a definite yes.

What gift to bring to a bridal shower? ›

Gift baskets are a great way to make your bridal shower gift stand out. They can also tie together a handful of smaller gifts and make them look larger than life. Consider using smaller gifts like customized tea towels, a nice tea pot, and a cookbook. The options are as limitless as your imagination.

How long is a bridal shower? ›

Weichelt says bridal showers should ideally last between two and four hours. Anything shorter and guests will feel like they didn't have a chance to spend time with the bride; anything longer and they'll be itching to head home. Three hours might just be the sweet spot, then.

Who should attend a bridal shower? ›

The bridal party, including the maid of honor and bridesmaids generally make the top of the guest list, followed by immediate family members from both sides of the aisle. If the bride welcomes children at her shower, guests may also include nieces, the flower girl and junior bridesmaids.

What is dressy casual? ›

A dressy casual dress code is a versatile balance between formal and casual. This is the ideal choice for networking (or socializing) after work, fundraisers, or dinner at a nice restaurant.

Should guests pay for bridal shower? ›

Although once upon a time it was expected that the bride's family would foot the bridal shower bill, modern society has changed the rules. Nowadays, the person (or people) hosting the bridal shower are responsible for covering the costs associated with the shower.

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