How Much Should You Spend on a Bridal Shower Gift? (2024)

Have you been invited to a bridal shower? Be prepared to shower the bride with gifts. The point of a bridal shower is not only to come together to celebrate a bride and her upcoming marriage, but it also is a time where guests are expected to bring a present along for the bride as well. If you're trying to figure out how much you should spend on a bridal shower gift, a general rule of thumb is it does not have to be as costly as a wedding gift. However, the price range can vary depending on your relationship to the bride.

"According to traditional etiquette, you should purchase a gift when attending a bridal shower," says etiquette expert Mara Opperman. "The only time you should not bring something is if the bride-to-be requested no presents." National etiquette expertDiane Gottsman adds, "The price of the gift depends on several factors. First and foremost, your particular budget. Then, the relationship you have to the bride or groom, and how close you are to the couple."

Want to learn more about how much you should be spending for an upcoming bridal shower on your social calendar? Read ahead to learn all the details of the price of a bridal shower gift.

The Average Cost of a Bridal Shower Gift

Navigating the options for bridal shower gifts can be tricky, but there are a few tips to help guide you. According to Opperman, bridal shower gifts tend to be less expensive than wedding gifts. "Many people spend around $50 to $75, whereas closer friends and family may spend upwards of $100," she says. "However, the amount you want to spend is up to you."

Family members or close friends who are hosting the bridal shower should consider the investment they are putting into the event when considering the cost of their gift. "If you are one of the hosts, it would be assumed you were a close friend of the bride. You don’t necessarily have to spend more, but you may want to pull your resources with the rest of the hosts to purchase one gift," notes Gottsman. "You do not need to spend more money on a gift because you were expenses for the shower is part of your gift. It doesn’t mean you don’t give a gift at all, however."

Gottsman says this rule applies to the bridal party, as well. "They do not need to spend more money, but it would be a good idea for the bridal party members to combine the resources to buy one nicer gift," she adds.

How to Choose Your Gift

Once you determine your budget for a gift, Gottsman recommends looking to the registry to find the best present for the bride. "Although you may feel like you can give the bride something more specific, because you know her well, the registry is the best route to take because it is very specific on their needs," she says. "In addition, at another time, you may give her that special item you want her to have such as a small piece of art or a piece of jewelry as a family heirloom if you were a close family member."

Overall, what’s most important is finding a present that is meaningful or useful to celebrate your friend or family member’s upcoming wedding. "The bride-to-be will appreciate anything you give her," adds Opperman.

How Much Should You Spend on a Bridal Shower Gift? (2024)


How Much Should You Spend on a Bridal Shower Gift? ›

According to Opperman, bridal shower gifts tend to be less expensive than wedding gifts. "Many people spend around $50 to $75, whereas closer friends and family may spend upwards of $100," she says. "However, the amount you want to spend is up to you."

How much should I spend for a bridal shower gift? ›

If you're only invited to the shower and wedding, it's suggested to divide your budget by 30-70. Considering that the average wedding gift in 2023 was $150*, reverse calculation brings us to a budget of $50 to $75. So, if you're pondering whether $100 is enough for a bridal shower gift, the answer is a definite yes.

Is spending $100 reasonable for bridal shower? ›

However, you'll need to spend more at a bridal shower if you want guests to have the best experience. A budget of $30 to $100 per person is reasonable.

What is customary to give at a bridal shower? ›

Gifts given at traditional bridal showers should have a focus on what the bride likes, wants, or needs. Common gift ideas include vases, cookware, champagne glasses, sleepwear, fine linens, picture frames, and home decor items. Any items specified on a bridal shower registry fall under this category.

What is the etiquette for bridal shower gifts? ›

Keeping the 20-20-60 Rule in mind, a bridal shower gift should be about one-third the price of your wedding gift. However, what you spend comes down to your relationship with the bride or groom, and your budget. Typically, shower gifts should be between $25 to $75.

Is 50 enough for a bridal shower gift? ›

If you attend the bridal shower and the wedding, you are expected to buy a separate gift for each event. The Knot suggests an attendee should spend between 50 to 75 dollars on a shower gift.

Is it OK to give money for a bridal shower gift? ›

Giving a cash gift is usually fine at either the shower or the big day, but actual gifts are typically the preference—especially if the bride is opening presents for guests to see. Gift cards are especially suitable for showers, while cash and checks are more common at weddings.

Who is financially responsible for a bridal shower? ›

In short, the host is the one who pays for the bridal shower—or at least some of it. Most commonly, this is the maid of honor, but the couple's relatives, friends or even the to-be-weds themselves can all pitch in to cover the cost of the wedding shower.

Do you bring anything to a bridal shower? ›

Yes, if you are invited to a shower in addition to the wedding, you're expected to bring a gift to the shower as well as send a wedding gift. You shouldn't spend more than you're comfortable with, however (see the next answer), and can split your budget between both gifts.

What is the average wedding gift amount? ›

Though the average wedding gift amount is within the $100 to $150 range, your relationship with the couple will greatly influence how much (or little) you should ultimately spend.

Do you have to open gifts at a bridal shower? ›

The decision ultimately is yours. It could be a very special moment and nostalgic and it's totally fine to do it! But if it makes you uncomfortable and you'd rather spend the time doing another interactive activity with guests or mingling – that's fine too! Looking for an elegant venue to host your bridal shower?

What is the difference between a wedding shower and a bridal shower? ›

The bridal shower is designed for just you and the girls while the wedding shower is a co-ed party where the bride and groom both get showered with gifts and love. If you're a bride who loves to party and celebrate, then have both a wedding shower and bridal shower!

What do I wear to a bridal shower? ›

If the event is more casual, Singla said guests "could pair a blouse and trousers, a flowy dress, or a jumpsuit." Whatever you decide to wear, aim for something photo-friendly. According to Young, this is especially key if you're family or close friends with the future bride and groom.

Is $100 enough for a bridal shower gift? ›

According to Opperman, bridal shower gifts tend to be less expensive than wedding gifts. "Many people spend around $50 to $75, whereas closer friends and family may spend upwards of $100," she says. "However, the amount you want to spend is up to you."

Is it rude to not bring a gift to a bridal shower? ›

Technically, these are two separate events, and traditionally, it is proper etiquette for guests to show up to the bridal shower with a gift, and also purchase a gift for the wedding (this is typically done via a wedding registry, but it's also fine to bring a present in-person to the wedding).

Are you supposed to give favors at a bridal shower? ›

It's important to note that bridal shower favors are not necessary, and guests will not be expecting them. Ultimately, the most important thing is to make the bridal shower a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Whether or not to provide favors is entirely up to you.

Is $25 a good wedding gift? ›

If you're close friends, family members, or part of the wedding party, you might decide to send a gift in the $50 to $100 range. For people who you don't know as well, like co-workers, shopping from the registry for something around the $25 mark is more than OK.

How much do you spend on hostess gift bridal shower? ›

But, if it's a more traditional bridal shower in your mother-in-law's backyard, for example, you can probably afford to spend a little less. At the end of the day, what you decide to spend is entirely up to you, whether that's $10 or $100—the price tag isn't what makes a gift great.

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