Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette (2024)

Bridal showers are a great way for a bride to connect with her loved ones and prepare for her big day. It’s also a chance for friends and family to pass on wisdom and give gifts to support her in the next step of her life. When it comes to gift bridal shower gifts, there are a few helpful tips that you can take into consideration before purchasing your gift. Explore our wide range of bridal shower gifts that will make the bride know that you are wishing her a wonderful life with her future spouse.

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  • Is Cash Acceptable as a Bridal Shower Gift?
  • What to Do if You’re Not Attending
  • Bridal Shower Hostess Gifts
  • Packaging Your Gift
  • Sending Bridal Shower Thank You Notes

What’s a Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers started in the 1890’s as female-only gift giving parties for a bride-to-be, and remains a popular tradition today. When the tradition was first started, a close friend of the bride always threw the party. This is because it was considered poor form for the bride’s family to host a bridal shower or ask for gifts. Now anyone close to the bride, including her family members, can throw the bridal shower.

Do You Bring a Gift to a Bridal Shower?

In short, yes. If you’re attending a bridal shower, you should always bring a gift with you to congratulate the bride. This is considered good bridal shower etiquette. Even if you’re a part of the bridal party or wedding party, a gift is still necessary. The only time you don’t have to prepare a bridal shower gift is if the bride has requested “no gifts.” Also, keep in mind that your bridal shower gift is separate from your wedding gift.

How Much Should You Spend on a Bridal Shower Gift?

The standard amount to spend on a bridal shower gift is around $50-$75. If you’re invited to a bridal shower but not particularly close with the bride, expect to spend at least $25. Regular friends, co-workers, or distant family members should consider spending up to $75 if they have the budget to spare. Close friends or family members should consider spending anywhere between $75-$150 for a bridal shower gift.

If you’re attending the bridal shower and the wedding, plan ahead. Decide on gift amounts ahead of time for both occasions to stay within your overall budget.

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Choosing a bridal shower gift is fun when you know what you’re looking for. Consider the type of shower you’re attending. The theme of the bridal shower is often specified in the bridal shower invitation. Also consider the needs and wants of the bride herself. Is there a registry she wants you to use? Would she prefer something more meaningful than practical? Consider all these factors before breaking your budget on something unwanted.

For a Traditional Bridal Shower

Gifts given at traditional bridal showers should have a focus on what the bride likes, wants, or needs. Common gift ideas include vases, cookware, champagne glasses, sleepwear, fine linens, picture frames, and home decor items. Any items specified on a bridal shower registry fall under this category.

Personalized Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Make the bride-to-be feel extra special with personalized bridal shower gifts. From customized photo albums to monogrammed stationery, these thoughtful and unique gifts are sure to make her smile and create lasting memories.

  1. Photo Book: Create a beautiful photo book filled with memories for the bride-to-be to cherish.
  2. Wall Art: Surprise the bride with a unique piece of custom wall art, such as a canvas print, featuring her favorite photo or quote.
  3. Tote Bag: Help her stay organized with a personalized tote bag, perfect for carrying wedding planning essentials.
  4. Wine Glasses: Raise a toast to the happy couple with personalized wine glasses featuring their names or initials.
  5. Recipe Book: Compile all of the bride’s favorite recipes into a customized recipe book that she can treasure for years to come.
  6. Personalized Stationery: Gift the bride with personalized stationery, complete with her new name or monogram.
  7. Photo Calendar: She can stay organized with a custom calendar featuring her favorite photos and important dates.
  8. iPhone Case: Protect the bride’s phone in style with a personalized iPhone case featuring her favorite photo or design.
  9. Customized Cutting Board: Add a personal touch to the bride’s kitchen with a custom cutting board featuring her name or initials.
  10. Personalized Jewelry: Surprise the bride-to-be with a piece of personalized jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet, engraved with her initials or wedding date.

Bridal Shower Gift Basket

Gift baskets are a great way to make your bridal shower gift stand out. They can also tie together a handful of smaller gifts and make them look larger than life. Consider using smaller gifts like customized tea towels, a nice tea pot, and a cookbook. The options are as limitless as your imagination.

Unique Bridal Shower Gifts

The best way to find a unique gift is to find out what’s important to the bride. Is she worried she won’t have enough time to grocery shop in the coming months? Consider gifting a subscription to a food delivery service. Or maybe the bride loves all thing wine and you happened to stumble upon a handmade wine holder at a local market. As long as it speaks to the personality of the bride-to-be, your gift is sure to impress.

Fun Bridal Shower Gifts

Brides usually appreciate all of their gifts, but some just stand out as oh-so-fun. What that is varies from bride to bride, but who knows better than you? If your bride loves beer, consider getting her a bottle opener that she can use for her favorite drink. Or maybe you know your jewelry loving bride would be thrilled to get a charm bracelet with all her best friends’ names engraved.

Can I Give Funny Bridal Shower Gifts?

Avoid gifting the bride with inappropriate items at her bridal shower since a variety of family members will probably be attending. However, if you’re familiar with the bride and her family’s sense of humor, you can use your own discretion. Keep in mind that some gifts are more suited for her bachelorette party.

DIY Bridal Shower Gifts

Whether it’s because of budget concerns or love of custom made things, DIY present are sometimes the perfect choice. However, prepare to spend a significant amount of time creating the right gift. If you choose to create something like a hand-knit throw or handmade serving dish, give yourself plenty of time. Giving yourself weeks to months or create your gift will enable you to fix mistake and stay stress free.

Wedding Shower Vs. Bridal Shower

A wedding shower is different than a bridal shower because the groom and male guests are included. While a bridal shower is all about the bride-to-be, a wedding shower is about the soon-to-be newlyweds. Because of this, gift choices should be chosen with a different criteria.

Is Cash Acceptable as a Bridal Shower Gift?

While cash is acceptable as a wedding gift, do your best to pick out a gift for the bridal shower. Taking the time to choose a gift for the bride-to-be shows your care and thought, which she’ll appreciate afterwards. Start with looking at her bridal or wedding registry to make the gift selection process quicker.

What to Do If You’re Not Attending

If you’re not attending the bridal shower but have been invited, be sure to send a bridal shower gift in the mail as proper etiquette. If you’re unable to send a gift, you should send a handwritten note congratulating the bride-to-be on her upcoming day. For help, check out our resource on what to write in a bridal shower card.

Bridal Shower Hostess Gifts

A lot of work goes into planning a bridal shower, from organizing the guest list to setting up day-of. As the bride-to-be, you can show your gratitude to the bridal shower hostess by giving her a heartfelt gift, paired with a handwritten thank you note. Consider giving her a spa gift certificate to unwind, a pair of custom mason jars, a gift card to her favorite shop, a cute canvas tote bag customized with her initials, or personalized stationery for her office space.

Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette (7)

Packaging Your Gift

Packaging may seem like a small detail but do your best to make sure your bridal shower gift is wrapped or boxed appropriately. How you present your gift can make an impression and influence how it’s received by the bride. Choose warm colors for the gift wrap or a decorative box with a stylish design.

Sending Bridal Shower Thank You Notes

During the bridal shower, the maid of honor or a bridesmaid takes notes while the bride opens her gifts. Afterwards, the bride-to-be sends thank you notes to her guests to show her gratitude and appreciation.

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Remember, the most important aspect of any bridal shower gift is the thought and effort you put into it. Whether you choose a heartfelt, personalized item or a carefully selected registry gift, your kindness and support will undoubtedly make the bride feel cherished and appreciated on her special journey.

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Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette (2024)


Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette? ›

In short, yes. If you're attending a bridal shower, you should always bring a gift with you to congratulate the bride. This is considered good bridal shower etiquette. Even if you're a part of the bridal party or wedding party, a gift is still necessary.

What is the protocol for bridal shower gifts? ›

Keeping the 20-20-60 Rule in mind, a bridal shower gift should be about one-third the price of your wedding gift. However, what you spend comes down to your relationship with the bride or groom, and your budget. Typically, shower gifts should be between $25 to $75.

What is an acceptable amount to give for a bridal shower? ›

According to Opperman, bridal shower gifts tend to be less expensive than wedding gifts. "Many people spend around $50 to $75, whereas closer friends and family may spend upwards of $100," she says. "However, the amount you want to spend is up to you."

Is $100 enough for a bridal shower gift? ›

If you're only invited to the shower and wedding, it's suggested to divide your budget by 30-70. Considering that the average wedding gift in 2023 was $150*, reverse calculation brings us to a budget of $50 to $75. So, if you're pondering whether $100 is enough for a bridal shower gift, the answer is a definite yes.

Is it rude to not bring a gift to a bridal shower? ›

Yes, if you are invited to a shower in addition to the wedding, you're expected to bring a gift to the shower as well as send a wedding gift. You shouldn't spend more than you're comfortable with, however (see the next answer), and can split your budget between both gifts.

What gifts do you get for a bridal shower? ›

Traditionally, a bridal shower is a celebration of the bride's upcoming marriage and an opportunity to give useful presents like appliances, china settings, and serving pieces from the couple's registry.

What is the difference between a bridal shower and a wedding shower gift? ›

In contrast to the bridal shower, wedding shower gifts should be items that the couple can use and enjoy together. These are typically taken from the wedding registry, but guests can also choose gifts that speak to the couple's relationship.

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