Why Brides No Longer Want to Open Gifts at Their Shower (2024)

Why Brides No Longer Want to Open Gifts at Their Shower (1)

Showers are a long-held tradition to welcome and prepare brides as they begin a new journey in their lives. Traditionally, these events provided a chance for family and friends to gather and shower the honoree with items she may need to start the new chapter in her life and to make the transition an easier one.

Over time, registries were invented and helped give guests an idea of the items they actually wanted to receive. Today, times are changing and the customs of yesterday are also evolving. Take for example the fact that not all showers today are for women only. Co-ed, pre-event parties are huge. They offer the chance for everyone to gather together and celebrate the upcoming big moment and now the format is shifting along with this.

Perhaps one of the biggest moments at these events has been the opening of gifts. If you‘ve ever been to a bridal shower in the past you know what this looks like: the bride-to-be sitting in front of everyone and wearing a hat of bows as the crowd “oohs and ahhs” over her new toaster oven and vacuum.

Today’s brides are actually starting to move away from the tradition and many have admitted they actually hate the idea of having to sit up front and open presents one by one.

For some, it’s the time it takes to perform this task that eats away from enjoying the actual day mingling with guests. For others, it’s fear of boredom for their male and female guests who have no interest in seeing the items they already saw listed on the registry being opened.

Not to mention that a lot of the online registries today will ship the gifts directly to the bride’s home so the guests don’t even have to wrap them and lug them to the venue.

Still, others admit that they do enjoy opening the gifts, giving public gratitude to the gift giver, and many guests do enjoy that portion of the day’s events. It’s important to know if your guests are more traditional or would have less interest in this activity if you’re trying to decide whether or not to open gifts.

The decision ultimately is yours. It could be a very special moment and nostalgic and it’s totally fine to do it! But if it makes you uncomfortable and you’d rather spend the time doing another interactive activity with guests or mingling – that’s fine too!

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Why Brides No Longer Want to Open Gifts at Their Shower (2024)
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